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Current Schedule of Classes : Fall 2014-15

CourseTitleProfessorUnitsGradeEnroll #TypeDaysTimeLocationQuarter
CNCSP 102-01Research in Applied Psychology Quirk, M2Letter10611FieldW3:30-4:45PSYCH 1924F14
CNCSP 110-01Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4P/NP10629LecTR5:00-6:15PSYCH 1924F14
CNCSP 110-01-01Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4Opt57851DiscussionW1:00-1:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 110-01-02Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4Opt57869DiscussionW1:00-1:50ED 1203F14
CNCSP 110-01-03Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4Opt57877DiscussionW1:00-1:50ED 1205F14
CNCSP 110-01-04Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4Opt57885DiscussionW2:00-2:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 110-01-05Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4Opt57893DiscussionW2:00-2:50ED 1203F14
CNCSP 110-01-06Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4Opt57901DiscussionW2:00-2:50ED 1205F14
CNCSP 112-01Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan Furlong, M4Opt56804LecTR4:00-5:15SH 1431F14
CNCSP 112-01-01Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan Furlong, M4Opt57919DiscussionW4:00-4:50ED 1213F14
CNCSP 112-01-02Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan Furlong, M4Opt57927DiscussionW4:00-4:50ED 1207F14
CNCSP 197-01Special Topics in Applied Psychology Jimerson, S2-4Opt59311LecR5:00-6:50ED 1215F14
CNCSP 199-01Independent StudiesStaff1-5Opt10637IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 199RA-01Independent Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt10645IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 200-01Research Design and Methods in Professional Psychology Quirk, M4Opt66845SemF9:00-11:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 209A-01Research Practicum I Dowdy, E4S/U10660PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 209A-02Research Practicum I Morgan Consoli, M4S/U10678PracticumM4:30-6:00ED 2101-CCSPF14
CNCSP 209A-03Research Practicum I Conoley, C4S/U10686PracticumM4:00-5:50ED 1207F14
CNCSP 209A-04Research Practicum I Cosden, M4S/U10694PracticumTTBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 209A-05Research Practicum I Furlong, M4S/U10702PracticumF8:00-8:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 209A-06Research Practicum I Israel, T4S/U10710PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 209A-07Research Practicum I Jimerson, S4S/U10728PracticumF12:00-1:50ED 2101-CCSPF14
CNCSP 209A-08Research Practicum I Koegel, R4S/U10736PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 209A-09Research Practicum I Quirk, M4S/U10744PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 1205F14
CNCSP 209A-10Research Practicum I Consoli, A4S/U10751PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 209A-11Research Practicum I Sharkey, J4S/U10769PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 4201- SeminarF14
CNCSP 209A-12Research Practicum I Kia-Keating, M4S/U10777PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 1207F14
CNCSP 209A-13Research Practicum I Vernon, T4S/U10785PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 209A-14Research Practicum I Cancelled Brown, M4S/U56812PracticumCancelledTBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 210-01Neuroanatomy and Psychopharmacology Lande, E4Opt10793SemM1:00-3:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 220-01Human Development Jimerson, S4Opt10801SemW1:00-3:50ED 4205F14
CNCSP 224A-01Professional Organizations Israel, T1S/U10819SemR12:00-12:50ED 1205F14
CNCSP 225-01Ethical Standards in Professional Psychology Consoli, A4S/U10827SemM9:00-11:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 227-01Social and Cultural Bases of Diversity Morgan Consoli, M4Opt10835SemM9:00-11:50ED 1203F14
CNCSP 250-01Cognitive Assessment in Professional Psychology Vernon, T4Letter10843SemW9:00-11:50ED 1203F14
CNCSP 257B-01Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention Laurie, E4Opt64808LecM4:00-6:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 260A-01Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy Morgan Consoli, M4Letter10850SemT1:00-3:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 262B-01School-Based Mental Health Services Cancelled Laurie, E4Opt57943SemCancelled4:00-6:50ED 1201F14
CNCSP 263A-01Advanced Psychotherapy Techniques Cancelled Cosden, M4Opt57935SemCancelled4:00-4:50No room neededF14
CNCSP 264A-01Supervision and Consultation in Applied Psychology Zetzer, H; Brooks, R4S/U10868SemT1:00-3:50ED 1203F14
CNCSP 270-01Advanced Fieldwork: General Kia-Keating, M4S/U10876PracticumT9:00-11:50ED 1101F14
CNCSP 270-02Advanced Fieldwork: General Conoley, C4S/U10884PracticumT9:00-11:50ED 1158F14
CNCSP 270-03Advanced Fieldwork: General Cancelled Cosden, M4S/U59360PracticumCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1164F14
CNCSP 270-04Advanced Fieldwork: General Jimerson, S; Dowdy, E4S/U52498PracticumF9:00-11:50ED 1101F14
CNCSP 271B-01Advanced Practicum: Psychology Assessment Center Lande, E1-4S/U10900FieldTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 272-01Advanced Fieldwork: Counseling Psychology Zetzer, H4S/U10918PracticumF1:00-3:50No room neededF14
CNCSP 273-01Advanced Fieldwork: Clinical Psychology Vernon, T4S/U10926FieldM4:00-4:50No room neededF14
CNCSP 274D-01Assessment and Data-Based Decision-Making in the Schools: School Psychology Practicum Sharkey, J4S/U10942SemF1:00-3:50ED 4201- SeminarF14
CNCSP 275-01Internship in School Psychology Sharkey, J4-12S/U10959InternshipF1:00-3:50ED 4201- SeminarF14
CNCSP 279A-01Internship in Professional Psychology Dowdy, E6-12S/U10967InternshipTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 293-01Pedagogy in Applied Psychology Israel, T4Opt56820SemR1:00-3:50ED 1205F14
CNCSP 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff1-12Opt10975IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 597-01Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U10983IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
CNCSP 599-01Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U10991IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 003A-01CalTeach, Elementary Mathematics Education Carlyle, A3Letter15792SemR12:00-2:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED 004A-01CalTeach, Elementary Science Education Johnson, S3Letter15800SemT9:00-11:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED 020-01-00Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15818LecW4:00-5:15NH 1006F14
ED 020-01-01Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15826DiscussionW7:00-8:20ED 1201F14
ED 020-01-02Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15834DiscussionW7:00-8:20ED 1203F14
ED 020-01-03Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15842DiscussionW7:00-8:20ED 1205F14
ED 020-01-04Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15859DiscussionW5:30-6:50ED 1207F14
ED 020-01-05Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15867DiscussionW5:30-6:50HSSB 2202F14
ED 020-01-06Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15875DiscussionW5:30-6:50GIRV 2135F14
ED 020-01-07Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt56176DiscussionW5:30-6:50GIRV 2110F14
ED 020-01-08 Introduction to the University Experience Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt76364DiscussionW7:00-8:20ED 1207F14
ED 020-01-09Introduction to the University Experience Cancelled Roark, J; Lin-Roark, I3Opt15909DiscussionCancelled9:30-10:45 - F14
ED 103-01Technology Tools for TeachersStaff3Letter15917Lec/LabW9:00-11:50ED 4211-LabF14
ED 111-01Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15925LecTR2:00-3:15PHELP 1260F14
ED 111-01-01Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15933DiscussionF9:00-9:50ED 1203F14
ED 111-01-02Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15941DiscussionF10:00-10:50ED 1203F14
ED 111-01-03Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15958DiscussionF11:00-11:50ED 1203F14
ED 111-01-04Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15966DiscussionF12:00-12:50ED 1203F14
ED 111-01-05Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15974DiscussionF1:00-1:50ED 1203F14
ED 111-01-06Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Romo, L4Opt15982DiscussionF2:00-2:50ED 1203F14
ED 118-01The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52142LecR3:30-4:45GIRV 1004F14
ED 118-01-01The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52159DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1206F14
ED 118-01-02The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52167DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2127F14
ED 118-01-03The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52175DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2123F14
ED 118-01-04The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52183DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2120F14
ED 118-01-05The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52191DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2119F14
ED 118-01-06The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52209DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2116F14
ED 118-01-07The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52217DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2115F14
ED 118-01-08The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52225DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2112F14
ED 118-01-09The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52233DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 2124F14
ED 118-01-10The Research University and The Transfer Student Experience Lubach, D4Letter52241DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 1108F14
ED 120-01Practicum in Teaching in Higher Education Lubach, D4Opt59303PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 122-01Pre-professional Work in the K-12 Classroom Blackwell, K2P/NP15990PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 123-01Culture, Development and Education Sandoval, N4Letter16006LecW6:00-7:50ED 1213F14
ED 123-01-01Culture, Development and Education Sandoval, N4Letter16014DiscussionW7:55-9:00ED 1213F14
ED 123-01-02Culture, Development and Education Sandoval, N4Letter16022DiscussionW7:55-9:00ED 1215F14
ED 123-01-03Culture, Development and Education Sandoval, N4Letter16030DiscussionW7:55-9:00ED 1217F14
ED 124-01Research on Teaching & Learning in Sociocultural Contexts Duran, R4Letter16048Lec/FldM4:00-5:50ED 1217F14
ED 130-01CalTeach, Secondary Mathematics Education Ross, E3Letter16055SemT1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED 131-01CalTeach, Secondary Science Education Johnson, S3Letter16063SemR3:00-5:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED 176B-01Practicum in Individual Differences Gerber, M4Opt16121PracticumM2:00-3:50ED 1217F14
ED 176B-02Practicum in Individual Differences Moran, A4Opt16139PracticumW1:00-2:50ED 1213F14
ED 191W-01Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt16196SemT2:00-3:50WEBB 1100F14
ED 191W-01-01Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt16204SemR2:00-3:50ED 1217F14
ED 191W-01-02Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt16212SemR2:00-3:50ED 1213F14
ED 199-01Independent Research Assistance Staff1-5Opt16220IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 199RA-01Indepen Studies Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt16238IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 200-01Research Methods in Education Harlow, D4Opt16246SemW9:00-11:50ED 1205F14
ED 200-02Research Methods in Education Lee, J4Opt16253SemM4:00-6:50ED 1203F14
ED 201D-01Single Case Experimental Design Koegel, R4Opt16279SemM4:00-6:50ED 1205F14
ED 201F-01 Issues in Research Methodology Nylund-Gibson, K2S/U73577SemM12:00-2:50ED 3209F14
ED 209D-01Research Seminar in Human Development Romo, L1-6S/U64147SemM1:00-3:50ED 1203F14
ED 210A-01Advances in the Learning Sciences and Education Duran, R4Opt16329SemM9:00-11:50ED 1215F14
ED 210D-01Seminar in Cultural Perspectives of Education Cancelled Cook-Gumperz, J1-6Opt52258SemCancelled1:00-3:50ED 1203F14
ED 211B-01Development: Infancy and Early Childhood Kyratzis, A4Opt16337SemW4:00-6:50ED 1201F14
ED 212-01 Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Colloquium CancelledStaff2S/U16352SemCancelled12:00-1:50ED 3209F14
ED 214A-01Introductory Statistics Kia-Keating, B4Opt16360Lec/LabT9:00-12:50ED 4205F14
ED 214A-02Introductory Statistics Kia-Keating, B4Opt16378Lec/LabT4:00-7:50ED 1215F14
ED 216A-01Advanced Multivariate Statistics Marcoulides, G4Opt16386SemT1:00-2:50ED 1215F14
ED 216A-01-01Advanced Multivariate Statistics Marcoulides, G4Opt69963LabT3:00-3:50ED 4211-LabF14
ED 216A-01-02Advanced Multivariate Statistics Marcoulides, G4Opt69971LabT4:00-4:50ED 4211-LabF14
ED 221A-01Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods Raley, J4Opt16394SemT10:00-12:50ED 1201F14
ED 221A-02Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods Cook-Gumperz, J 4Opt16402SemT4:00-6:50ED 1201F14
ED 221D-01Classroom Ethnography Green, J4Opt52266SemW1:00-3:50ED 2209F14
ED 222A-01 Introduction to Exceptional Children Wang, M4Opt16428SemW4:00-6:50ED 1203F14
ED 222A-02Introduction to Exceptional Children Gerber, M4Opt59717SemR4:00-6:50ED 3138-EDF14
ED 222D-01Law, Ethics and History of Special Education Cancelled Singer, G4Opt52274SemCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1207F14
ED 228D-01Direct Instruction and Strategy Instruction Fedders, A4Opt52282SemR4:00-6:50ED 1201F14
ED 229C-01Practicum in Special Education Programs for Severely Handicapped Pupils Sloan, T2-12S/U16444PracticumTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 229D-01Applied Systematic Instruction and Assessment Fedders, A2Opt16451SemF1:00-3:50ED 3209F14
ED 247A-01Educational Leadership Conley, S4Letter16469SemR4:00-6:50ED 3112F14
ED 250A-01Doctoral Seminar in Educational Leadership and Organizations Cook-Gumperz, J4Opt59725SemR9:00-11:50ED 1205F14
ED 250A-02Doc. Seminar in Ed. Leadership & Organizations Gottfried, M4Opt60038SemM1:00-3:50ED 3209F14
ED 253D-01Seminar in Teaching and Learning Bazerman, C1-6Opt52308SemM9:00-11:50ED 1207F14
ED 253D-02Seminar in Teaching and Learning Okamoto, Y1-6Opt52316SemW9:00-11:50ED 3209F14
ED 253D-03Seminar in Teaching and Learning Harlow, D; Bianchini, J1-6Opt71829SemR9:00-11:50ED 1201F14
ED 265A-01Foundations of Teacher Inquiry Raley, J; Scalzo, J2Letter16477SemT1:00-3:50ED 1213F14
ED 265A-02Foundations of Teacher Inquiry Raley, J; Scalzo, J2Letter16485SemT4:00-6:50ED 1213F14
ED 270B-01Second Language Teaching Methodologies: Adolescents and Adults Cancelled Lee, J4Opt16493SemCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1213F14
ED 270F-01 Second Language Learning in Educational Contexts Lee, J4Opt71589SemW9:00-11:50ED 1213F14
ED 274-01 Proseminar in Language, Interaction and Social Organization Kyratzis, A2-4S/U16501SemF1:00-3:50ED 1205F14
ED 277-01 Latino Children and Their Families Romo, L4Opt52290SemW1:00-3:50ED 1207F14
ED 291-01Professional Issues in Severe Developmental Disabilities Singer, G4Opt56184SemM1:00-3:50ED 1205F14
ED 312-01Context for Child Development and Learning Staff2Letter16519SemR4:00-6:50ED 1213F14
ED 312-02Context for Child Development and Learning Oxelson, E2Letter16527SemR4:00-6:50ED 1213F14
ED 313-01Context for Adolescent Development and Learning Simon, K2Letter16535SemM4:00-6:50ED 1213F14
ED 313-02Context for Adolescent Development and Learning Simon, K2Letter16543SemM4:00-6:50ED 1213F14
ED 323F-01Instructional Design for Secondary Teachers Sloan, T; Scalzo, J1S/U16550SemR9:30-12:20ED 1213F14
ED 323F-02Instructional Design for Secondary Teachers Sloan, T; Scalzo, J1S/U16568SemR9:30-12:20ED 1213F14
ED 324-01Applications of Computers to Educational Purposes - Elementary Anand, N4Letter16576SemT4:00-6:50ED 4205F14
ED 324-02Application of Technology to Educational Purposes: Elementary Anand, N4Letter67660SemR4:00-6:50ED 4205F14
ED 325-01Application of Technology to Educational Purposes: Secondary Staff4Letter16584SemT4:00-6:50ED 1213F14
ED 325-02Application of Technology to Educational Purposes: Secondary Staff4Letter16592SemT4:00-6:50ED 1217F14
ED 340-01Student Teaching: Elementary Schools Sloan, T3-11S/U16600FieldF8:30-11:30ED 1213F14
ED 343-01 Multicultural Reading Field Experiences Sloan, T1S/U16618FieldTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 360F-01ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J2S/U16626SemM1:00-3:50ED 1213F14
ED 360F-02ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J2S/U16634SemM1:00-3:50ED 1213F14
ED 360F-03ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J2S/U16642SemM1:00-3:50ED 1213F14
ED 361F-01ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J2S/U16659SemTBATBAED 1215F14
ED 361F-02ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Simon, K2S/U16667SemTBATBAED 1217F14
ED 362-01Exceptional Children, Inclusive Classrooms Moran, A4Letter16675SemR1:00-3:50ED 1215F14
ED 362-02Exceptional Children, Inclusive Classrooms Moran, A4Letter67678SemT1:00-3:50ED 1217F14
ED 370-01Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Carlyle, A1S/U16683SemF11:45-2:00ED 2209F14
ED 370-02Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Ellis, D1S/U16691SemF11:45-2:00ED 3112F14
ED 370-03Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Staff1S/U16709SemF11:45-2:00ED 3130F14
ED 370-04Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Naiman, D1S/U16717SemF11:45-2:00ED 3242-TEPF14
ED 370-05Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Oxelson, E1S/U16725SemF11:45-2:00ED 4205F14
ED 370-06Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Vernon, E1S/U16733SemF11:45-2:00ED 3138-EDF14
ED 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff2-12Opt16758IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 597-01 Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U16766IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 598-01 Master's Thesis Research and PreparationStaff2-12S/U16774IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED 599-01 Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U16782IndivTBATBANo room neededF14
ED E 321F-01 Secondary English/Language Arts Methods Dewar, T4Letter16790SemF9:00-11:50ED 3209F14
ED E 341-01 Student Teaching:English/Language Arts Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U16808FieldTBATBANo room neededF14
ED E 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching English/Language Arts: Secondary Dewar, T1S/U16816SemW4:00-6:50ED 3209F14
ED HSS 321F-01 Secondary History/Social Science Methods Mullin, C1S/U16824SemF1:00-3:50ED 1201F14
ED HSS 341-01 Student Teaching: History/Social Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U16832FieldTBATBANo room neededF14
ED HSS 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching History/Social Science: Secondary Estabrook, J1S/U16840SemW4:00-6:50ED 2209F14
ED L 321F-01Reading and Writing in Content Blackwell, K2S/U16857SemR1:00-3:50ED 1203F14
ED L 321F-02Reading and Writing in Content Simon, K2S/U16865SemR1:00-3:50ED 1207F14
ED LA 320F-01Elementary Reading and Language Arts Teaching Methods Lippincott, A2S/U16873SemM1:00-3:50ED 1215F14
ED LA 320F-02Elementary Reading and Language Arts Teaching Methods Ellis, D2S/U16881SemM4:00-6:50ED 1215F14
ED LA 320F-03Elementary Reading and Language Arts Teaching Methods Ellis, D2S/U16899SemM4:00-6:50ED 1215F14
ED M 321F-01 Secondary Mathematics Methods Ograin, C3Letter16907SemF1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED M 341-01 Student Teaching: Mathematics Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U16915FieldTBATBANo room neededF14
ED M 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Mathemeatics: Secondary Ross, E1S/U16923SemW4:00-6:50ED 4205F14
ED S 321F-01 Secondary Science Methods Johnson, S3Letter16931SemF9:00-11:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED S 341-01 Student Teaching: Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U16949FieldTBATBANo room neededF14
ED S 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Science: Secondary Lubchenco, P1S/U16956SemW4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciF14
ED WL 321F-01 Secondary World Language Methods Cancelled Chun, D3Letter16964SemCancelled1:00-3:50ED 1207F14
ED WL 341-01 Student Teaching: World Language Secondary Cancelled Sloan, T3-9S/U16972FieldCancelledTBANo room neededF14
ED WL 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Foreign Languages: Secondary Cancelled Vaz Bauler, C1S/U16980SemCancelled4:00-6:50ED 3242-TEPF14

For a complete listing of courses offered by the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, please see the UCSB General Catalog under Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.