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Current Schedule of Classes : Summer 2014-15

CourseTitleProfessorUnitsGradeEnroll #TypeDaysTimeLocationQuarter
CNCSP 101-01Helping Relationships: Theory and PracticeStaff4Opt02865LecMTR2:00-3:25ED 1213M15 session A
CNCSP 101-02Helping Relationships: Theory and PracticeStaff4Opt02873LecMTR2:00-3:25ED 1213M15 session B
CNCSP 102-01Research in Applied Psychology Staff2Letter02881FieldW2:00-4:00ED 1213M15 session A
CNCSP 102-02Research in Applied Psychology Staff2Letter02899FieldW2:00-4:00ED 1213M15 session B
CNCSP 110-01Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Steen, M4P/NP02907LecMTR3:30-4:55ED 1213M15 session A
CNCSP 112-01Positive Psychology Across the LifespanStaff4Opt14829LecMTR10:30-11:45ED 1213M15 session B
CNCSP 114-01Psychology of GenderStaff4Opt02923LecMTR9:00-10:15ED 1215M15 session A
CNCSP 114-02Psychology of GenderStaff4Opt02931LecMTR12:30-1:45ARTS 1356M15 session B
CNCSP 115-01College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt02949LecMTR10:00-11:50GIRV 1004M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-01College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt02956DiscussionWF10:00-11:50ED 1201M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-02College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt02964DiscussionWF10:00-11:50ED 1203M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-03College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt02972DiscussionWF10:00-11:50ED 1205M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-04College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt02980DiscussionWF10:00-11:50ED 1207M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-05College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt02998DiscussionWF10:00-11:50ED 1213M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-06College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt03004DiscussionWF10:00-11:50ED 1215M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-07College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt03012DiscussionTR1:00-2:50ED 1201M15 session G
CNCSP 115-01-08College Student Peer-Helping and Leadership Israel, T2Opt14837DiscussionTR1:00-2:50HSSB 1232M15 session G
CNCSP 197-01Special Topics in Applied PsychologyStaff2-4Opt14845LecMTW9:00-12:20ED 1217M15 session G
CNCSP 199-01Independent StudiesStaff1-5Opt03020IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
CNCSP 199RA-01Independent Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt03038IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
CNCSP 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff1-12Opt03046IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
CNCSP 597-01Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U03053IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
CNCSP 599-01Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U03061IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED 109M-01Health Education Shishim, M1P/NP04416LecTR1:45-3:35BUCHN 1930M15 session E
ED 109M-02Health Education Cancelled Shishim, M1P/NP04424LecCancelled1:45-4:45ED 1215M15 session E
ED 109M-03Health Education Shishim, M1P/NP17335LecTBA12:00-1:50ED 1215M15 session D
ED 109M-04Health Education Cancelled Shishim, M1P/NP - LecCancelled12:00-1:30ED 1203M15 session D
ED 111-01Introduction to Child and Adolescent DevelopmentStaff4Opt04457LecMTR3:30-4:55ED 1201M15 session A
ED 111-02Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Mireles Rios, R4Opt04465LecMW9:00-10:50ED 1203M15 session A
ED 111-03Introduction to Child and Adolescent DevelopmentStaff4Opt04473LecMTR11:00-12:25ED 1207M15 session B
ED 117M-01Motivation and Learning for Academic SuccessStaff2P/NP04481Lec/LabT2:00-4:30ED 1217M15 session A
ED 117M-02Motivation and Learning for Academic SuccessStaff2P/NP04499Lec/LabT2:00-4:30ED 1207M15 session B
ED 123-01Culture, Development and Education Staff4Letter04507LecMTR11:30-1:15ED 1215M15 session B
ED 123-02Culture, Development and Education Sandoval, N4Letter04515LecMW6:00-8:00ED 1201M15 session A
ED 123-03Culture, Development and EducationStaff4Letter04523LecMW6:00-8:00ED 1201M15 session B
ED 125-01Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt04531Lec/LabMWF12:15-1:35ED 1213M15 session A
ED 125-02Schooling in the U.S.Staff4Opt04549Lec/LabMTR9:30-10:55ED 1207M15 session B
ED 125-03Schooling in the U.S.Staff4Opt04556Lec/LabMTR4:00-5:25ED 1201M15 session B
ED 173-01Introduction to Leadership Development Lubach, D4Opt04564LecMW2:00-4:05ED 1215M15 session B
ED 199-01Independent Research Assistance Staff1-5Opt04572IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED 199RA-01Indepen Studies Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt04580IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED 228A-01Learners with Severe Disabilities: Skills Instruction Staff4Opt04598SemMW8:00-10:50ED 1201M15 session A
ED 228B-01Learners with Severe Disabilities: Communication Fedders, A4Opt04606SemTR8:00-10:50ED 1201M15 session A
ED 229C-01Practicum in Special Education Programs for Severely Handicapped Pupils Fedders, A2-12S/U04614PracticumTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 229D-01Applied Systematic Instruction and Assessment Fedders, A2Opt04622SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 263-01Adolescent Development and Learning Moran, A4Letter04671SemMTWRF12:00-2:50ED 1201M15 session F
ED 263-02Adolescent Development and Learning Simon, K4Letter04689SemMTWRF8:30-11:20ED 1201M15 session F
ED 264-01Child Development and Learning Oxelson, E4Letter04697SemMTWRF12:00-2:50ED 1203M15 session F
ED 264-02Child Development and Learning Oxelson, E4Letter04705SemMTWRF8:30-11:20ED 1203M15 session F
ED 265D-01Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Raley, J6Letter04713SemTBATBAED 3209M15 session A
ED 265D-02Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Oxelson, E6Letter04721SemTBATBAED 3242-TEPM15 session A
ED 265D-03Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Bazerman, C; Bianchini, J6Letter04739SemTBATBAED 3112M15 session A
ED 265D-04Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Chun, D; Fedders, A6Letter04747SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session A
ED 265D-05Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Singer, G; Nylund-Gibson, K6Letter04754SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session A
ED 265D-06Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Ograin, C; Roberts, S6Letter04762SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session A
ED 265D-07Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Brenner, M; Johnson, S6Letter04770SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session A
ED 265D-08Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Scalzo, J6Letter04788SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session A
ED 265D-09Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice III Raley, J6Letter04796SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session A
ED 268-01Foundations of Teaching Anand, N4Letter04804SemMTWRF11:10-1:00ED 1201M15 session E
ED 268-02Foundations of Teaching Scalzo, J4Letter04812SemMTWRF11:10-1:00ED 1203M15 session E
ED 268-03Foundations of Teaching Staff4Letter04820SemMTWRF11:10-1:00ED 1205M15 session E
ED 268-04Foundations of Teaching Oxelson, E4Letter04838SemMTWRF11:10-1:00ED 1207M15 session E
ED 268-05Foundations of Teaching CancelledStaff4Letter14738SemCancelled11:10-1:00ED 1217M15 session E
ED 291-01Professional Issues in Severe Developmental Disabilities Staff4Opt04846SemTR12:00-2:50ED 1201M15 session D
ED 318-01Foundations of Academic Language: Elementary Scalzo, J2Letter04853SemMTWRF8:30-11:20ED 1205M15 session F
ED 318-02Foundations of Academic Language: Elementary Arya, D2Letter04861SemMTWRF12:00-2:50ED 1205M15 session F
ED 319-01Foundations of Academic Language: Secondary Scalzo, J2Letter04879SemMTWRF8:30-11:20ED 1205M15 session F
ED 319-02Foundations of Academic Language: Secondary Arya, D2Letter04887SemMTWRF12:00-2:50ED 1205M15 session F
ED 326-01Practicum in Classroom Management: Elementary Whitaker, D2S/U04895SemMTWRF12:00-2:50ED 1217M15 session F
ED 326-02Practicum in Classroom Management: Elementary Granger, M2S/U04903SemMTWRF8:30-11:20ED 1217M15 session F
ED 327-01Practicum in Classroom Management:Secondary Whitaker, D2S/U04911SemMTWRF8:30-11:20ED 1217M15 session F
ED 327-02Practicum in Classroom Management:Secondary Granger, M2S/U04929SemMTWRF12:00-2:50ED 1217M15 session F
ED 330-01Writing Project Approaches to Teaching Composition, K-CollegeStaff4S/U04937SemMTWRF9:00-10:50ED 1203M15 session E
ED 340-01Student Teaching: Elementary Schools Sloan, T3-11S/U04945FieldTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 370-01Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Carlyle, A1S/U04952SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 370-02Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Whitaker, D1S/U04960SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 370-03Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Naiman, D1S/U04978SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 370-04Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Oxelson, E1S/U04986SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 370-05Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Vernon, E1S/U04994SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 370-06Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Meyer, M1S/U05009SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff2-12Opt05017IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED 597-01 Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U05025IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED 598-01 Master's Thesis Research and PreparationStaff2-12S/U05033IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED 599-01 Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U05041IndivTBATBANo room neededM15
ED E 321M-01 Secondary English/Language Arts Methods Dewar, T1S/U16998SemMWF1:45-4:35ED 3209M15 session E
ED E 341-01 Student Teaching:English/Language Arts Secondary Dewar, T3-9S/U05058FieldTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED E 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching English/Language Arts: Secondary Dewar, T1S/U05066SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED HSS 321M-01 Secondary History/Social Science Methods Mullin, C1S/U17004SemMWF1:45-3:35ED 1217M15 session E
ED HSS 341-01 Student Teaching: History/Social Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U05082FieldTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED HSS 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching History/Social Science: Secondary Estabrook, J1S/U05090SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED M 321M-01 Secondary Mathematics Methods Ograin, C; Roberts, S1S/U17012SemMWF1:45-3:35ED 3242-TEPM15 session E
ED M 341-01 Student Teaching: Mathematics Secondary Raley, J3-9S/U05116FieldTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED M 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Mathemeatics: Secondary Ross, E1S/U05124SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED S 321M-01 Secondary Science Methods Johnson, S; Bianchini, J1S/U17020SemMWF1:45-3:35ED 4219-SciM15 session E
ED S 341-01 Student Teaching: Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U05140FieldTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED S 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Science: Secondary Lubchenco, P1S/U05157SemTBATBANo room neededM15 session G
ED WL 321M-01 Secondary World Language Methods CancelledStaff1S/U17038SemCancelled1:45-3:35ED 2209M15 session E
ED WL 341-01 Student Teaching: World Language Secondary Cancelled Sloan, T3-9S/U14746FieldCancelledTBANo room neededM15 session G
ED WL 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Foreign Languages: Secondary CancelledStaff1S/U14753SemCancelledTBANo room neededM15 session G

For a complete listing of courses offered by the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, please see the UCSB General Catalog under Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.