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Current Schedule of Classes : Spring 2013-14

CourseTitleProfessorUnitsGradeEnroll #TypeDaysTimeLocationQuarter
CNCSP 101-01Helping Relationships: Theory and PracticeStaff4Opt09274LecTR11:00-12:15ED 1213S14
CNCSP 102-01Research in Applied Psychology Staff2Letter09308FieldR9:30-10:45ED 1215S14
CNCSP 110-01Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Quirk, M4P/NP09316LecTR1:00-2:50PHELP 3515S14
CNCSP 111-01Identity and Pluralism Morgan Consoli, M4Opt46763LecMW9:30-10:45ED 1201S14
CNCSP 112-01Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan Conoley, C4Opt46771LecTR3:30-4:45NH 1006S14
CNCSP 199-01Independent StudiesStaff1-5Opt09340IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 199RA-01Independent Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt09357IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-01Research Practicum I Dowdy, E4S/U09365PracticumF12:00-12:50No room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-02Research Practicum I Brown, M4S/U09373PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-03Research Practicum I Conoley, C4S/U09381PracticumW12:00-12:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 209A-04Research Practicum I Cosden, M4S/U09399PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-05Research Practicum I Furlong, M4S/U09407PracticumF12:00-12:50No room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-06Research Practicum I Israel, T4S/U09415PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-07Research Practicum I Jimerson, S4S/U09423PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 2209S14
CNCSP 209A-08Research Practicum I Koegel, R4S/U09431PracticumF12:15-2:30ED 1203S14
CNCSP 209A-09Research Practicum I Quirk, M4S/U09449PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 1205S14
CNCSP 209A-10Research Practicum I Smith, S4S/U09456PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-11Research Practicum I Sharkey, J4S/U09464PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 2230S14
CNCSP 209A-12Research Practicum I Kia-Keating, M4S/U09472PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 2101-CCSPS14
CNCSP 209A-13Research Practicum I Morgan Consoli, M4S/U09480PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 209A-14Research Practicum I Vernon, T4S/U77206PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 214-01Social Bases of Behavior for Applied Psychology Meier, L4Opt09498SemW4:00-6:50ED 1217S14
CNCSP 251-01Personality and Emotional Assessment Smith, S4Opt09506SemW1:00-3:50No room neededS14
CNCSP 256-01Behavioral Assessment and Intervention for Children and Adolescents Vernon, T4Opt09514SemT1:00-3:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 256-02Behavioral Assessment and Intervention for Children and Adolescents Fedders, A4Opt09522SemT4:00-6:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 260C-01Basic Practicum II Zetzer, H4S/U09530PracticumR9:00-11:50ED 1217S14
CNCSP 260C-01-01Basic Practicum II Zetzer, H4S/U09548PracticumM1:00-3:50ED 1213S14
CNCSP 261-01Counseling Psychology Seminar Conoley, C4Opt46789SemM9:00-11:50ED 1203S14
CNCSP 261A-01Theories of Career Development Cancelled Brown, M4Opt09555SemCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1205S14
CNCSP 262B-01School-Based Mental Health Services Dowdy, E4Opt09563SemM9:00-11:50ED 1207S14
CNCSP 262C-01Counseling Children and Families Vernon, T4Opt09571SemW1:00-3:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 268C-01Racial/Ethnic Minority Counseling Interventions Morgan Consoli, M4Opt46797SemM4:00-6:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 270-01Advanced Fieldwork: General Conoley, C4S/U09597PracticumT9:00-11:50ED 1101S14
CNCSP 270-02Advanced Fieldwork: General Cancelled Kia-Keating, M4S/U09605PracticumCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1101S14
CNCSP 270-03Advanced Fieldwork: General Dowdy, E4S/U09613PracticumF9:00-11:50No room neededS14
CNCSP 271B-01Advanced Practicum: Psychology Assessment Center Lande, E1-4S/U09621FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 272-01Advanced Fieldwork: Counseling Psychology Zetzer, H4S/U09639PracticumFTBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 273-01Advanced Fieldwork: Clinical Psychology Koegel, R4S/U09647FieldFTBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 274C-01School Discipline and Alternative Schooling: Psychology First Year Induction Laurie, E4Letter09654SemF1:00-3:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 274F-01The School Psychologist as the Intervention Consultant: School Psychology Practicum Sharkey, J4S/U09662SemF1:00-3:50ED 1213S14
CNCSP 275-01Internship in School Psychology Sharkey, J4-12S/U09670InternshipF1:00-3:50ED 1213S14
CNCSP 276A-01Advanced Fieldwork: Clinical Supervision Zetzer, H4S/U09688PracticumT1:00-3:50ED 1158S14
CNCSP 279C-01Internship in Professional Psychology Smith, S6-12S/U09696InternshipTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 290-01Seminar in Professional Psychology Kia-Keating, M1-5Opt69369SemF9:00-11:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 292-01Resiliency, Strengths, and Youth Development Furlong, M4Opt09704SemR4:00-6:50ED 1201S14
CNCSP 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff1-12Opt09712IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 597-01Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U09720IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
CNCSP 599-01Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U09738IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 003A-01California Teach 1: Mathematics Carlyle, A2-3Letter14258SemR12:00-2:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED 020-01-00Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14274LecR3:30-4:45IV THEA 1S14
ED 020-01-01Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14282DiscussionR5:00-6:15GIRV 1108S14
ED 020-01-02Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14290DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 2201S14
ED 020-01-03Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14308DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 4202S14
ED 020-01-04Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14316DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1206S14
ED 020-01-05Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14324DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1207S14
ED 020-01-06Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14332DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1214S14
ED 020-01-07Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14340DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1215S14
ED 020-01-08 Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14357DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1231S14
ED 020-01-09Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14365DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1232S14
ED 020-01-10Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt14373DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1237S14
ED 103-01Technology Tools for TeachersStaff3Letter14381Lec/LabW9:00-11:50ED 4211-LabS14
ED 120-01Practicum in Teaching in Higher Education Brenner, M4Opt56903PracticumRTBANo room neededS14
ED 121-01 Introduction to K-12 Teaching Blackwell, K3Opt14449SemW10:00-11:50ED 1213S14
ED 122-01Pre-professional Work in the K-12 Classroom Blackwell, K2P/NP14456PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 123-01Culture, Development and Education Oxelson, E4Letter66134LecR4:00-6:50ED 1215S14
ED 124-01Research on Teaching & Learning in Sociocultural Contexts Brenner, M4Letter14498Lec/FldM4:00-5:50ED 1217S14
ED 131-01California Teach 2: Science Johnson, S2-3Letter48959SemT9:00-11:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED 135-01Advanced Problem Solving in Mathematical, Historical and Pedagogical Contexts Ograin, C4Opt14506LecTR9:00-10:50ED 4205S14
ED 136-01Green Works- Exploring Technology and the Search for Sustainability Feldwinn, D4Opt14514LecMW3:00-4:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED 142-01Development of Play, Language and Literacy in Early Childhood and Care Settings Kyratzis, A4Opt14522Lec/LabT5:00-8:20ED 1205S14
ED 176B-01Practicum in Individual Differences Gerber, M4Opt14530PracticumM2:00-3:50ED 1215S14
ED 176B-02Practicum in Individual Differences Moran, A4Opt14548PracticumW3:00-4:50ED 1213S14
ED 191W-01Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt14555SemT2:00-3:50WEBB 1100S14
ED 191W-01-01Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt14563SemR2:00-3:50ED 1213S14
ED 191W-01-02Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt14571SemR2:00-3:50ED 1215S14
ED 197-01Special Topics in Education and Applied Psychology Dewar, T2-4Opt14589Lec/LabMW2:00-3:15ED 1217S14
ED 199-01Independent Research Assistance Staff1-5Opt14597IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 199RA-01Indepen Studies Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt14605IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 202A-01Bilingual Language Development Kyratzis, A4Opt14613SemW4:00-6:50ED 1203S14
ED 202I-01Assessment of Writing Adler-Kassner, L4Opt48967SemT2:00-4:50ED 1203S14
ED 206-01Epistemology & Education Green, J4Opt57349SemM4:00-6:50ED 1203S14
ED 208-01Applied Rhetoric, Poetics, Linguistics Bazerman, C4Letter14639SemR4:00-6:50ED 1203S14
ED 209G-01Ethnic Identity Cancelled Hudley, C4Opt50740SemCancelled4:00-6:50ED 3130S14
ED 210D-01Seminar in Cultural Perspectives of Education Cook-Gumperz, J1-6Opt50765SemM1:00-3:50ED 1201S14
ED 210D-02Seminar in Cultural Perspectives of Education Chun, D1-6Opt50773SemR4:00-6:50ED 1205S14
ED 210E-01Foundations of Sociocultural Learning Theory Bazerman, C4Opt50781SemM9:00-11:50ED 3209S14
ED 210G-01Crosscultural Psychology Ho, H4Opt50799SemR1:00-3:50ED 2209S14
ED 211G-01Theories of Human Development Hudley, C4Opt50807LecT1:00-3:50ED 3130S14
ED 214C-01Linear Models for Data Analysis Kia-Keating, B4Opt14662Lec/LabT9:00-12:50ED 1213S14
ED 214C-02Linear Models for Data Analysis Kia-Keating, B4Opt14670Lec/LabT4:00-7:50ED 4205S14
ED 216F-01Structural Equation Models Marcoulides, G4Opt14688SemR10:00-12:50ED 1201S14
ED 221C-01Observation in Small Group Analysis Cook-Gumperz, J; Conley, S4Opt50815SemR4:00-6:50ED 1207S14
ED 222C-01Social and Affective Characteristics of Students with Mild Disabilities. Gerber, M4Opt50823SemR4:00-6:50ED 3209S14
ED 222D-01Law, Ethics and History of Special Education Cancelled Singer, G4Opt14704SemCancelled4:00-6:50 - S14
ED 222E-01Developmental Behavioral Genetics Kia-Keating, B4Opt65250SemW1:00-3:50ED 2209S14
ED 228E-01Families and Disabilities Singer, G4Opt56911SemW9:00-11:50ED 1205S14
ED 228H-01Working with Stakeholders in Special Education Singer, G4Opt14712SemM4:00-6:50ED 1207S14
ED 229C-01Practicum in Special Education Programs for Severely Handicapped Pupils Fedders, A2-12S/U14720PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 229D-01Applied Systematic Instruction and Assessment Fedders, A2Opt14738SemF1:00-3:50ED 3209S14
ED 240A-01Education Policy Rumberger, R4Opt14746SemM4:00-6:50ED 1205S14
ED 242C-01Theories of Organizational Change and Development Gerber, M4Opt14753SemW4:00-6:50ED 3112S14
ED 250C-01Doctoral Seminar in Educational Leadership and Organizations Gottfried, M4Opt57356SemM9:00-11:50ED 1205S14
ED 253D-01Seminar in Teaching and Learning Debacco, K1-6Opt14787SemW1:00-3:50ED 1203S14
ED 253D-02Seminar in Teaching and Learning Harlow, D1-6Opt56929SemW1:00-3:50ED 4205S14
ED 265C-01 Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice II Raley, J; Scalzo, J2S/U14811SemW4:00-6:50ED 1215S14
ED 265C-02Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice II Raley, J; Scalzo, J2S/U14829SemT4:00-6:50ED 1215S14
ED 266-01 Special Topics in the Teaching Profession Ellis, D4Letter14837SemM4:00-6:50ED 1213S14
ED 266-02Special Topics in the Teaching Profession Vaz Bauler, C4Letter14845SemM4:00-6:50ED 1215S14
ED 277-01 Latino Children and Their Families Cancelled Romo, L4Opt50831SemCancelled1:00-3:50ED 1207S14
ED 283A-01Seminar in Teacher Education and Professional Development Sloan, T2S/U14860SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 283B-01 Internship in Teacher Education and Professional Development Sloan, T2S/U50849PracticumTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 286C-01 Learning Theories and Instructional Practices in Science Education Bianchini, J4Opt50856SemT1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED 286ST-01 The History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science in Science Education Bianchini, J4Letter14878SemR4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED 289-01 Professional Development Seminar for M.Ed.Facilitators Raley, J2S/U14886SemR4:00-6:50ED 2209S14
ED 292A-01 Mathematics Development in Early Years Okamoto, Y4Opt50872SemW2:00-4:50ED 1205S14
ED 292C-01 Mathematics Development in Adolescents Ograin, C4Opt14902SemR4:00-6:50ED 1217S14
ED 317-01 Historical Thinking Mullin, C4Letter14910LecR4:00-6:50ED 1213S14
ED 340-01Student Teaching: Elementary Schools Sloan, T3-11S/U14928FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 343-01 Multicultural Reading Field Experiences Sloan, T1S/U14936FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 360S-01 ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J1Letter14944SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 360S-02ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J1Letter14951SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 360S-03ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J1Letter50948SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 361S-01 ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Vaz Bauler, C1Letter14969SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 361S-02ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J1Letter14977SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 370-01Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Carlyle, A1S/U14985SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 370-02Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Ellis, D1S/U14993SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 370-03Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Staff1S/U15008SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 370-04Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Naiman, D1S/U15016SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 370-05Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Oxelson, E1S/U15024SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 370-06Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Vernon, E1S/U15032SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 380-01 Teaching Strategies for Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Education: Elementary Sloan, T4Letter15040SemS9:00-11:50ED 1201S14
ED 381-01 Teaching Strategies for Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Education:Secondary Aguirre, P4Letter15057SemS9:00-11:50ED 1201S14
ED 594-01Graduate Group Studies in Education Lee, J2-4Opt50963LecF9:00-11:50SH 3605S14
ED 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff2-12Opt15065IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 597-01 Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U15073IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 598-01 Master's Thesis Research and PreparationStaff2-12S/U15081IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED 599-01 Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U15099IndivTBATBANo room neededS14
ED E 341-01 Student Teaching:English/Language Arts Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U15107FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED E 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching English/Language Arts: Secondary Dewar, T1S/U15115SemW4:00-6:50ED 3209S14
ED HSS 320S-01 Elementary Social Science Teaching Methods Kok, O2Letter15123SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED HSS 320S-02Elementary Social Science Teaching Methods Kok, O2Letter15131SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED HSS 321S-01 Secondary History/Social Science Methods Mullin, C1Letter15149SemTBATBANo room neededS14
ED HSS 341-01 Student Teaching: History/Social Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U15156FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED HSS 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching History/Social Science: Secondary Estabrook, J1S/U15164SemW4:00-6:50ED 2209S14
ED M 341-01 Student Teaching: Mathematics Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U15172FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED M 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Mathemeatics: Secondary Ross, E1S/U15180SemW4:00-6:50ED 4205S14
ED S 320-01 Elementary Science Teaching Methods Harlow, D4Letter15198SemT4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED S 320-02Elementary Science Teaching Methods Harlow, D4Letter15206SemT4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED S 321F-01 Secondary Science Methods Johnson, S3Letter58610SemF1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED S 321M-01 Secondary Science Methods Johnson, S1S/U58628SemF4:00-4:50ED 4219-SciS14
ED S 341-01 Student Teaching: Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U15214FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED S 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Science: Secondary Lubchenco, P1S/U15222SemW4:00-6:50ED 1201S14
ED WL 341-01 Student Teaching: World Language Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U15230FieldTBATBANo room neededS14
ED WL 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Foreign Languages: Secondary Vaz Bauler, C1S/U15248SemW4:00-6:50ED 3242-TEPS14

For a complete listing of courses offered by the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, please see the UCSB General Catalog under Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.