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Current Schedule of Classes : Winter 2014-15

CourseTitleProfessorUnitsGradeEnroll #TypeDaysTimeLocationQuarter
CNCSP 101-01Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt10173LecTR3:30-4:45BUCHN 1910W15
CNCSP 101-01-01Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt57414DiscussionM2:00-3:15ED 1213W15
CNCSP 101-01-02Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt57422DiscussionT2:00-3:15ED 1205W15
CNCSP 101-01-03Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt57430DiscussionT1:00-2:15ED 1213W15
CNCSP 101-01-04Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt57448DiscussionF12:00-1:15ED 1207W15
CNCSP 101-01-05Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt57455DiscussionT11:00-12:15ED 1201W15
CNCSP 101-01-06Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt57463DiscussionM9:00-10:15ED 1201W15
CNCSP 101-01-07Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt61895DiscussionF9:30-10:45ED 1205W15
CNCSP 101-01-08Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt61903DiscussionF11:00-12:15ED 1217W15
CNCSP 101-01-09Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt61911DiscussionM1:00-2:15ED 1205W15
CNCSP 101-01-10Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt61929DiscussionM1:00-2:15ED 1217W15
CNCSP 101-01-11Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt61937DiscussionF1:30-2:45ED 1207W15
CNCSP 101-01-12Helping Relationships: Theory and Practice Israel, T4Opt61945DiscussionT9:30-10:45ED 1203W15
CNCSP 110-01Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4P/NP10207LecTR12:30-1:45IV THEA2W15
CNCSP 110-01-01Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4Opt57471DiscussionT10:00-10:50ED 1201W15
CNCSP 110-01-02Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4Opt57489DiscussionW4:00-4:50ED 1217W15
CNCSP 110-01-03Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4Opt57497DiscussionW11:00-11:50ED 1207W15
CNCSP 110-01-04Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4Opt63479DiscussionT11:00-11:50ED 1203W15
CNCSP 110-01-05Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4Opt63487DiscussionW5:00-5:50ED 1213W15
CNCSP 110-01-06Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance Morgan Consoli, M4Opt63495DiscussionF10:00-10:50ED 1203W15
CNCSP 197-01Special Topics in Applied Psychology Jimerson, S2-4Opt69062LecR5:00-6:50ED 1215W15
CNCSP 199-01Independent StudiesStaff1-5Opt10223IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 199RA-01Independent Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt10231IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-01Research Practicum I Cancelled Brown, M4S/U10249PracticumCancelledTBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-02Research Practicum I Conoley, C4S/U10256PracticumM4:00-5:50ED 1205W15
CNCSP 209A-03Research Practicum I Consoli, A4S/U10264PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-04Research Practicum I Cosden, M4S/U10272PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-05Research Practicum I Dowdy, E4S/U10280PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-06Research Practicum I Cancelled Furlong, M4S/U10298PracticumCancelledTBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-07Research Practicum I Israel, T4S/U10306PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-08Research Practicum I Jimerson, S4S/U10314PracticumF11:00-1:50ED 2101-CCSPW15
CNCSP 209A-09Research Practicum I Kia-Keating, M4S/U10322PracticumF12:00-12:50ED 1205W15
CNCSP 209A-10Research Practicum I Koegel, R4S/U10330PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-11Research Practicum I Morgan Consoli, M4S/U10348PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-12Research Practicum I Quirk, M4S/U10355PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-13Research Practicum I Sharkey, J4S/U10363PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 209A-14Research Practicum I Vernon, T4S/U57505PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 212-01Cognitive Development in Autism and Other Severe Disabilities Koegel, R4Opt10371SemM4:00-6:50ED 1201W15
CNCSP 216-01Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Professional Psychology Consoli, A4Opt10389SemW1:00-3:50ED 1217W15
CNCSP 223B -01Developmental Psychopathology Vernon, T4Opt10397SemW9:00-11:50ED 1201W15
CNCSP 251-01Personality and Emotional Assessment CancelledStaff4Opt - SemCancelledTBA - W15
CNCSP 255-01Neuropsychological Assessment Lande, E4Opt10405SemM1:00-3:50ED 1201W15
CNCSP 260B-01Basic Practicum I Zetzer, H4S/U10421PracticumR9:00-11:50ED 1213W15
CNCSP 260B-01-01Basic Practicum I Zetzer, H4S/U10439PracticumM1:00-3:50ED 1158W15
CNCSP 261-01Counseling Psychology Seminar Consoli, A4Opt62703SemM9:00-11:50ED 1213W15
CNCSP 261A-01Theories of Career Development CancelledStaff4Opt57521SemCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1203W15
CNCSP 263A-01Advanced Psychotherapy Techniques Kia-Keating, M4Opt10447SemR9:00-11:50ED 1201W15
CNCSP 268B-01Counseling LGBT Clients Cancelled Israel, T4Opt10454SemCancelled1:00-3:50ED 1203W15
CNCSP 270-01Advanced Fieldwork: General Kia-Keating, M4S/U10462PracticumT9:00-11:50ED 1101W15
CNCSP 270-02Advanced Fieldwork: General Conoley, C4S/U10470PracticumT9:00-11:50ED 1158W15
CNCSP 270-03Advanced Fieldwork: General Cancelled Cosden, M4S/U - PracticumCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1164W15
CNCSP 270-04Advanced Fieldwork: General Dowdy, E4S/U57539PracticumF9:00-11:50ED 1101W15
CNCSP 271B-01Advanced Practicum: Psychology Assessment Center Lande, E1-4S/U10496FieldTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 272-01Advanced Fieldwork: Counseling Psychology Zetzer, H4S/U10504PracticumFTBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 273-01Advanced Fieldwork: Clinical Psychology Koegel, R4S/U10512FieldFTBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 274E-01Ethics, Diversity and Specialized Assessment and Intervention: School Psychology Practicum Sharkey, J4S/U10538SemF1:00-3:50ED 4205W15
CNCSP 275-01Internship in School Psychology Sharkey, J4-12S/U10546InternshipF1:00-3:50ED 4205W15
CNCSP 276A-01Advanced Fieldwork: Clinical Supervision Zetzer, H4S/U10553PracticumT9:00-11:50ED 1158W15
CNCSP 279B-01Internship in Professional Psychology Dowdy, E6-12S/U10561InternshipTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 291C-01Family Violence Felix, E4Opt10579SemR1:00-3:50ED 1201W15
CNCSP 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff1-12Opt10587IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 597-01Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U10595IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
CNCSP 599-01Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U10603IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 003A-01CalTeach, Elementary Mathematics Education Carlyle, A; Ross, E3Letter16162SemR1:00-3:50ED 4205W15
ED 004A-01CalTeach, Elementary Science Education Johnson, S3Letter16170SemT1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED 020-01-00Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57059LecR3:30-4:45HFH 1104W15
ED 020-01-01Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57067DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1206W15
ED 020-01-02Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57075DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1207W15
ED 020-01-03Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57083DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1214W15
ED 020-01-04Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57091DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1215W15
ED 020-01-05Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57109DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1231W15
ED 020-01-06Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57117DiscussionR5:00-6:15HSSB 1232W15
ED 020-01-07Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57125DiscussionR5:00-6:15ED 1203W15
ED 020-01-08 Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57133DiscussionR5:00-6:15ED 1205W15
ED 020-01-09Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57141DiscussionR5:00-6:15ED 4205W15
ED 020-01-10Introduction to the University Experience Lubach, D3Opt57158DiscussionR5:00-6:15ED 4219-SciW15
ED 111-01Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Okamoto, Y4Opt16188LecW1:00-3:20ED 1215W15
ED 111-01-01Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Okamoto, Y4Opt16196DiscussionF9:00-9:50ED 1201W15
ED 111-01-02Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Okamoto, Y4Opt16204DiscussionF10:00-10:50ED 1201W15
ED 111-01-03Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Okamoto, Y4Opt16212DiscussionF11:00-11:50ED 1201W15
ED 111-01-04Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Okamoto, Y4Opt16220DiscussionF12:00-12:50ED 1201W15
ED 120-01Practicum in Teaching in Higher Education Lubach, D4Opt16345PracticumMTBANo room neededW15
ED 121-01 Introduction to K-12 Teaching Blackwell, K3Opt16352SemW9:00-10:50ED 1213W15
ED 122-01Pre-professional Work in the K-12 Classroom Blackwell, K2P/NP16360PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 123-01Culture, Development and Education Mireles Rios, R4Letter16378LecT9:00-11:50ED 1213W15
ED 123-01-01Culture, Development and Education Mireles Rios, R4Letter16386DiscussionR9:00-9:50ED 1203W15
ED 123-01-02Culture, Development and Education Mireles Rios, R4Letter16394DiscussionR10:00-10:50ED 1203W15
ED 123-01-03Culture, Development and Education Mireles Rios, R4Letter16402DiscussionR11:00-11:50ED 1203W15
ED 124-01Research on Teaching & Learning in Sociocultural Contexts Duran, R4Letter16410Lec/FldM4:00-5:50ED 1213W15
ED 125-01Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16428Lec/LabTR9:30-10:45EMBAR HALLW15
ED 125-01-01Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16436DiscussionT1:00-1:50ED 1203W15
ED 125-01-02Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16444DiscussionT2:00-2:50ED 1203W15
ED 125-01-03Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16451DiscussionW12:00-12:50ED 1201W15
ED 125-01-04Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16469DiscussionW1:00-1:50ED 1201W15
ED 125-01-05Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16477DiscussionW2:00-2:50ED 1201W15
ED 125-01-06Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16485DiscussionR1:00-1:50ED 1205W15
ED 125-01-07Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16493DiscussionF12:00-12:50ED 1203W15
ED 125-01-08Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16501DiscussionT1:00-1:50ED 1205W15
ED 125-01-09Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt16519DiscussionW12:00-12:50ED 1203W15
ED 125-01-10Schooling in the U.S. Raley, J4Opt57166DiscussionR2:00-2:50ED 1205W15
ED 130-01CalTeach, Secondary Mathematics Education Roberts, S3Letter16527SemT10:00-12:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED 131-01CalTeach, Secondary Science Education Johnson, S3Letter16535SemR1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED 134-01Advanced Problem Solving in Mathematical, Historical and Pedagogical Contexts Ograin, C4Letter16550LecTR9:00-10:50ED 4205W15
ED 176B-01Practicum in Individual Differences Moran, A4Opt16568PracticumW3:00-4:50ED 1213W15
ED 190-01Introduction to Autism Koegel, R4Letter16584Lec/LabT3:30-5:50BUCHN 1920W15
ED 191W-01Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt16592SemT1:00-2:50PHELP 3515W15
ED 191W-01-01Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt16600DiscussionR1:00-2:50ED 1213W15
ED 191W-01-02Health and Well-Being Shishim, M4Opt16618DiscussionR1:00-2:50ED 1207W15
ED 197-01Special Topics in Education and Applied Psychology Dewar, T2-4Opt57174Lec/LabMW2:00-3:15ED 1207W15
ED 199-01Independent Research Assistance Staff1-5Opt16626IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 199RA-01Indepen Studies Research AssistanceStaff1-5Opt16634IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 201B-01Survey Research Design Maul, A4Opt62695SemM9:00-11:50ED 1203W15
ED 201F-01 Issues in Research Methodology Nylund-Gibson, K2S/U16642SemW9:00-11:50ED 3209W15
ED 201G-01Causal Inference in Educational Research Gottfried, M4Opt57182SemM4:00-6:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 202D-01Writing Across the Curriculum & in the Disciplines Cancelled Lunsford, K4Opt57208SemCancelled9:00-11:50ED 1203W15
ED 209D-01Research Seminar in Human Development Mireles Rios, R1-6S/U62851SemM1:00-3:50ED 3130W15
ED 210B-01Children's Thinking Okamoto, Y4Opt57216SemR4:00-6:50ED 1201W15
ED 210D-01Seminar in Cultural Perspectives of Education Kyratzis, A1-6Opt16709SemW4:00-6:50ED 3130W15
ED 210F-01Cultural Psychology: Contemporary Socio-Cultural Learning Theory Duran, R4Opt57224SemM9:00-11:50ED 1205W15
ED 212-01 Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Colloquium Nylund-Gibson, K2S/U73577SemW12:30-1:45ED 1207W15
ED 214B-01Inferential Statistics Kia-Keating, B4Opt16725Lec/LabT9:00-12:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 214B-02Inferential Statistics Kia-Keating, B4Opt16733Lec/LabT4:00-7:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 215B-01Psychometrics Marcoulides, G4Opt57232SemR1:00-3:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 216B-01Factor Analysis Nylund-Gibson, K4Opt16741SemT1:00-4:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 216C-01Hierarchical Linear Models Rumberger, R4Opt16758SemW1:00-3:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 220-01Introduction to Program Evaluation Rumberger, R4Opt16766SemM4:00-6:50ED 4201- SeminarW15
ED 221B-01Qualitative Interviewing Bianchini, J4Opt16774SemT1:00-3:50ED 1207W15
ED 221B-02Qualitative Interviewing Dwyer, H4Opt16782SemT4:00-6:50ED 1203W15
ED 221G-01Textual Analysis Bazerman, C4Opt57240SemR9:00-11:50ED 1205W15
ED 228C-01Learners with Severe Disabilities: Functional Academics and Inclusion Fedders, A4Opt57257SemW4:00-6:50ED 1201W15
ED 228E-01Families and Disabilities Singer, G4Opt61861SemW9:00-11:50ED 1205W15
ED 229C-01Practicum in Special Education Programs for Severely Handicapped Pupils Sloan, T2-12S/U16832PracticumTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 229D-01Applied Systematic Instruction and Assessment Fedders, A2Opt16840SemF1:00-3:50ED 1201W15
ED 242A-01Organizational Theories Conley, S4Opt16857SemM4:00-6:50ED 1203W15
ED 242C-01Theories of Organizational Change and Development Gerber, M4Opt - SemW4:00-6:50ED 1207W15
ED 250A-01Doctoral Seminar in Educational Leadership and Organizations Conley, S4Opt16865SemM1:00-3:50ED 3112W15
ED 250B-01Doctoral Seminar in Educational Leadership and Organizations Gottfried, M4Opt60715SemM1:00-3:50ED 1203W15
ED 253D-01Seminar in Teaching and Learning Bazerman, C1-6Opt57265SemM9:00-11:50ED 1207W15
ED 253D-02Seminar in Teaching and Learning Bianchini, J1-6Opt57273SemW4:00-6:50ED 3138-EDW15
ED 253D-03Seminar in Teaching and Learning Green, J1-6Opt63362SemR1:00-3:50ED 2209W15
ED 253D-04 Seminar in Teaching and Learning Bianchini, J; Harlow, D1-6Opt73775SemW12:00-1:50ED 1205W15
ED 259-01 Technology and Second Language Acquisition: Adolescents and Adults Chun, D4Opt57281SemW2:00-4:50ED 3242-TEPW15
ED 265B-01Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice I Raley, J; Scalzo, J2S/U16899SemTBA1:00-3:50ED 1215W15
ED 265B-02Teacher Inquiry and Classroom Practice I Raley, J; Scalzo, J2S/U16907SemTBA4:00-6:50ED 1215W15
ED 270A-01 Classrooms as Cultures Green, J4Opt16915SemW4:00-6:50ED 1205W15
ED 271-01 Cultural Studies in Education Cancelled Cook-Gumperz, J4Opt - SemCancelled1:00-3:50 - W15
ED 275-01 Research on the Education of Asian/American Students Cancelled Ho, H4Opt16949LecCancelled1:00-3:50ED 1207W15
ED 282-01 Research Along the Learning to Teach Continuum: Teacher Education, Induction, and Professional Development Cancelled Sloan, T4Opt16964SemCancelled4:00-6:50ED 1207W15
ED 291-01Professional Issues in Severe Developmental Disabilities Wang, M4Opt16972SemW1:00-3:50ED 1203W15
ED 322-01Instructional Design for Elementary Teachers Ellis, D4S/U16980SemM4:00-6:50ED 1217W15
ED 322-02Instructional Design for Elementary Teachers Mishler, T4S/U16998SemM4:00-6:50ED 1217W15
ED 323W-01Instructional Design for Secondary Teachers Simon, K3S/U17004SemR4:00-6:50ED 1213W15
ED 323W-02Instructional Design for Secondary TeachersStaff3S/U17012SemR4:00-6:50ED 1217W15
ED 340-01Student Teaching: Elementary Schools Sloan, T3-11S/U17020FieldF8:30-11:30ED 1213W15
ED 343-01 Multicultural Reading Field Experiences Sloan, T1S/U17038FieldTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 360W-01ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures: Elementary Scalzo, J1S/U17046SemR1:00-3:50ED 1217W15
ED 360W-02ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures: Elementary Scalzo, J1S/U17053SemR1:00-3:50ED 1217W15
ED 360W-03ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures: Elementary Scalzo, J1S/U17061SemR1:00-3:50ED 1217W15
ED 361W-01ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Scalzo, J1S/U17079SemTBA4:00-6:50ED 1215W15
ED 361W-02ELD/SDAIE Methods and Procedures Simon, K1S/U17087SemTBA4:00-6:50ED 4205W15
ED 363-01Exceptional Adolescents, Inclusive Classrooms Moran, A4Letter17095SemM4:00-6:50ED 1215W15
ED 363-02Exceptional Adolescents, Inclusive Classrooms Moran, A4Letter17103SemT4:00-6:50ED 1217W15
ED 364-01Assistive Technology for Students with Exceptional Learning Needs Wang, M4Opt17111Lec/FldM1:00-3:50ED 4211-LabW15
ED 370-01Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Carlyle, A1S/U17129SemF11:45-2:00ED 2209W15
ED 370-02Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Ellis, D1S/U17137SemF11:45-2:00ED 3112W15
ED 370-03Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Staff1S/U17145SemF11:45-2:00ED 3130W15
ED 370-04Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Naiman, D1S/U17152SemF11:45-2:00ED 3242-TEPW15
ED 370-05Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Oxelson, E1S/U17160SemF11:45-2:00ED 3209W15
ED 370-06Professional Seminar in Teaching: Elementary Vernon, E1S/U17178SemF11:45-2:00ED 3138-EDW15
ED 596-01Directed Reading and ResearchStaff2-12Opt17194IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 597-01 Individual Study for Comprehensive ExaminationsStaff2-12S/U17202IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 598-01 Master's Thesis Research and PreparationStaff2-12S/U17210IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED 599-01 Ph.D. Dissertation PreparationStaff2-12S/U17228IndivTBATBANo room neededW15
ED E 341-01 Student Teaching:English/Language Arts Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U17236FieldTBATBANo room neededW15
ED E 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching English/Language Arts: Secondary Dewar, T1S/U17244SemW4:00-6:50ED 3209W15
ED HSS 320W-01Elementary Social Science Teaching Methods Kok, O2S/U17251SemT1:00-3:50ED 1217W15
ED HSS 321W-01 Secondary History/Social Science Methods Mullin, C1S/U17277SemTBATBANo room neededW15
ED HSS 341-01 Student Teaching: History/Social Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U17285FieldTBATBANo room neededW15
ED HSS 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching History/Social Science: Secondary Estabrook, J1S/U17293SemW4:00-6:50ED 2209W15
ED L 321W-01Reading and Writing in Content Blackwell, K2Letter17301SemR4:00-6:50ED 1207W15
ED L 321W-02Reading and Writing in Content Simon, K2Letter17319SemR4:00-6:50ED 1217W15
ED LA 320W-01Elementary Reading and Language Arts Teaching Methods Ellis, D3Letter17327SemR4:00-6:50ED 1215W15
ED LA 320W-02Elementary Reading and Language Arts Teaching Methods Ellis, D3Letter17335SemR4:00-6:50ED 1215W15
ED LA 320W-03Elementary Reading and Language Arts Teaching Methods Hooson, T3Letter17343SemR4:00-6:50ED 1215W15
ED M 320-01Elementary Mathematics Teaching Methods Carlyle, A4Letter17350SemM1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED M 320-02Elementary Mathematics Teaching Methods Staff4Letter17368SemM1:00-3:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED M 341-01 Student Teaching: Mathematics Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U17376FieldTBATBANo room neededW15
ED M 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Mathemeatics: Secondary Ross, E1S/U17384SemW4:00-6:50ED 4205W15
ED S 320-01 Elementary Science Teaching Methods Cancelled Harlow, D4Letter61879SemCancelled4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED S 320-02Elementary Science Teaching Methods Cancelled Harlow, D4Letter61887SemCancelled4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciW15
ED S 341-01 Student Teaching: Science Secondary Sloan, T3-9S/U17392FieldTBATBANo room neededW15
ED S 371-01 Professional Issues in Teaching Science: Secondary Lubchenco, P1S/U17400SemW4:00-6:50ED 4219-SciW15

For a complete listing of courses offered by the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, please see the UCSB General Catalog under Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.