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Dr.Shane Jimerson, Ph.D.

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This webpage provides information regarding grade retention, social promotion, and effective alternatives. Researchers, scholars, educational professionals, policymakers, and families may benefit from the research available below..

The following PDF files are available for you to view by clicking on the name listed below.

Synthesis of Retention Research - CSP 2001

Meta Analysis of Retention Research - SPR 2001

Characteristics & Consequences - JSP 1997

Dropout & Retention - PITS 2002

On the Failure of Failure - JSP 1999

Retention and Dropout - CSP 2002

Exploring Successful Failures - PITS 2001

Beyond Grade Retention and Social Promotion - PITS 2006


The document files below require Adobe Acrobat Reader (preferably version 5.0) for you to view them.  If you do not have this application installed on your computer, please click HERE to download the software.  There is no charge.